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Vismaya Srinivas

Vismaya Srinivas

English Accent Stylist & Coach

Did you know you can speak English more fluently and naturally, just by doing ONE
If you are fluent in English, the next step is to grab a Global Accent.
If you are not fluent in English, Accent coaching is the easiest key to boost up your
language skills, the quickest.
English Accent Mastery is a FUN and EASIEST method of developing English in just 20 hours through Whatsapp.

This 20 day 1 hour training enables you to

  • Sound smarter and boost up your CAREER
  • Talk like a pro speaker and climb up the Leaders Ladder
  • To catch up with the international speaking standards
  • To stand-out in public and win-over the attention of crowd
  • To help your Irresistible dream come true..
    And what not.. !

If you are a parent, This is the only course which fuels up your child’s journey with
English on their own !

Here’s what the course holds:

  • The Fluency Upgrader
  • The Perfect Accent drills
  • How to have fun with English through The Karaoke Method

After training thousands of people around the world, the positive impact that we’ve made on people around us has inspired us to expand our training and reach out to more. As such, we’ve designed this intense-whatsapp way of coaching which is highly
efficient, to make 100% results.

We normally charge Rs. 3500/- for this course. But as a limited period offer you’ll get it for just Rs. 1699/- .

Sounds great? All you have to do is click on the link given below.

Good day!

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