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1. AA5. An agent reveals the commission received from Insurance sales to X and Y. Both are for the same duration. Why is commission of X far higher than commission received for Y

2. a28 . Mr. Krishna has taken a policy from on 3rd March 2011, He died on 18th August 2012. His death claim is considered as..........

3. JN87. Whole life policy Document is a-

4. ON12. Which is not a result of unethical behavior?

5. 5.22 Insurance companies are required to honor the awards passed by the Insurance Ombudsman within how may days

6. KB21. Vishal has taken a 30 year endowment policy. If the sum assured is reduced after 25 years what could be the reason?

7. KB11. Mr. Rahim is applying for a loan from his endowment plan. Loan is granted on which of the following feature?

8. ON27. According to IRDA which of the following will increase the transparency in selling?

9. 14. Which is not a part of insurance ?

10. 3.8. Arjun explaining a ULIP plan to a customer and doesn't know to answer of a doubt regarding the product that the customer has. What should he do?

11. KA12. Insurance agent recommended Low risk educational plan to the client, but the client insists the agent should arrange a ULIP higher risk product. What the agent should do?

12. 5.13 Within how many years a complaint can be made through consumer protection act

13. Z2. If policyholder is in grievance,__________________ will solve it.

14. 643 Rakesh wants to buy a policy primarily for Risk Cover but at the end of the term he wants to get at least some return. Under which policy he will get these benefits

15. 194. Non-governmental role in insurance industry is:…………

16. KB20. If a person is missing for 7 years, claim can be given under certain circumstances, which is called ……..

17. 145. Which body prescribes the codes of conduct of Agents?

18. EX20. In case of life insurance, Insurable interest must exist.....

19. 5.21 Pooling of insurance applies to

20. 29. One can have insurance policy from

21. Q1. Mr.Sarath has taken a moneyback policy . He received 25% of the SA in two times. IF he dies now what is the death claim payable?

22. 601 Law of Large number helps the insures to

23. 5.8 Incase of presumption of death

24. K10. Sarath is the client and looking or large SA , and the proposal to be certified in the context of confidentiality with relevance to moral hazard, who is the concerned person to do? ..

25. On19. Raju Has home loan for 20 lakh . He has 2 kids for them he likes to take plans for their future marriage and education. Which is most important for him?

26. KA36. By attaching waiver of premium rider with his basic policy , What is the protection the proposer going to get?

27. EX23. A contract comes into existence when………

28. R31. why as an agent is it essential for you to carry out the financial planning exercise with the prospective clients

29. EX13. Life insurance the risk is determined on the basis of ..........

30. 626 If the client accept the recommendation, then the agent should ask the client..

31. KAA. When undertaking financial planning for individuals without capital, what savings need is likely to be addressed in every single case?

32. 4.21 Mr. Xavier’s fact find shows he need a term insurance for his future income protection, A family health plan to cover medical needs, a children's plan to cover his son's education and a endowment policy for his daughter's marriage. Which of these is the first priority?

33. 149. What will happen to the complaint which is made both to Ombudsman and COPA?

34. 4.8 Harris bought a share for Rs.110 and he sold when it was Rs.630.What is the benefit called?

35. ON53. As per prevention of money laundering act Non resident Indians(NRIs) comes under….

36. 139. The process of de-tariffication is referred as……

37. 5.19 If we hold 100 units in gold ETF, It means that how much grams we have in physical

38. KB16. If an insurance agent recommends estate planning for Rajeev, which life stage Rajeev belong?

39. 418. Due to some medical problem Naran got hospitalized and insurance Company paid him a fixed amount on daily basis, what kind of health Policy he bought ?

40. 132. The main function of IRDA’s Grievance Redressal Call Centre is to educate the policyholder’s regarding

41. 192. In term policy loading is added for:..............

42. r34. When a prospect says he is insured what an agent should do?

43. ON6. The objective of life insurance council is to interact with the government and other bodies on policy matters …….

44. 18. Life insurance Agents can deal with.................

45. r4.4 Which of the following is a feature of WOP rider?

46. 144. The primary object of Fact Finding is............

47. 199. During Fact-finding, ‘3’ rating indicates:

48. ON55 . As per prevention of money laundering act film personalities comes under….

49. ON11. As Rahul Gupta is a newly appointed insurance agent he is unsure about the particular information that has been asked by a prospect Mr. Madan. In such scenario what would be the ethically appropriate way of proceeding for Rahul?

50. 5.5 During Fact finding, rating is mentioned ‘3’. This Indicates


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