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1. 3.14 A satisfied client will lead to

2. 5.47 A customer gets periodic benefits without any claim and then when he dies during the term of the policy, his nominees gets the sum insured. What type of policy is this?

3. 3.12 Higher persistency to the insurer ensures what ?

4. 186. In the process of calculation of net premium, which will be deducted:?

5. 5.4 Anumod received post taxation 5% return on his fixed deposit in a bank. If his net return is 3%, what can be the reason ?

6. 617 Mr Rohan takes an insurance policy due to heavy Debt on his business with an intention of committing suicide. This is an example of the following Feature of a valid contract

7. 3.27 Agent who is a licensed intermediary is actually is ?

8. ON27. According to IRDA which of the following will increase the transparency in selling?

9. JI25. Net premium is equal to

10. 3.28 Which one of the following factor does not help in the Persistency ?

11. On19. Raju Has home loan for 20 lakh . He has 2 kids for them he likes to take plans for their future marriage and education. Which is most important for him?

12. KB21. Vishal has taken a 30 year endowment policy. If the sum assured is reduced after 25 years what could be the reason?

13. JI20. Mr. Rahul is having a life insurance policy. After 8 months he was died. But when the claim is returned by the Insurance Company as the claim cannot be settled because of a specific clause mentioned in the policy document. Which is the most likely clause?

14. 188. Amar was hospitalized and submitted his photo identity card to network hospital. He has availed cash less facility. Who will pay bills?

15. ex2. The Non Government organizations(NGO) helps the insurance industry immensely in ....

16. 630 If a person already suffering from some disease and had not mentioned it in the proposal form then as per IRDA code of conduct the agent should

17. r3. Hrithik has written to his insurer about non settlement of a maturity calim,as per regulations,the insurer has to reply to this within how many working days ?

18. EX26. While calculating HLV along with future income, no of years of work, increments in salary what is also to be taken in to account?

19. 603 Whose signature is required on attestation of the policy?

20. KB18. Third party administration is a part of ………..

21. EX23. A contract comes into existence when………

22. a26. Who will take the initiation to settle the maturity claim process?

23. 2.2 .Pure risk is classified under

24. k26. A policy document for a money-back policy includes the statement the proposal and declaration signed by the proposer form the basis of the contract. In which main section of the policy document will this normally appear?

25. K34. In the context of financial planning, how is the difference between real needs and perceived needs best described

26. KB23. The policy holder surrendered his term insurance policy and approached IRDA for surrender benefit. Within how many days company has to settle the amount?

27. R414. Rahim is planning for investment. While calculating the expected returns from investments and savings, he should make provisions for

28. 5.46 The client of reinsurer is …..

29. 4.6 Mr. Raju has taken Critical Illness Rider. The claim will be paid..........

30. 3.8. Arjun explaining a ULIP plan to a customer and doesn't know to answer of a doubt regarding the product that the customer has. What should he do?

31. r34. When a prospect says he is insured what an agent should do?

32. EX14. Life insurance company determine the level of risk based on

33. KB5. Without submitting any documents proposer has received survival benefit. Which plan is this?

34. JN78. Ajay withdraws 10 % in cash from the retirement fund and uses it for personal reasons. As per IRDA norms, how will this withdrawal be treated under tax?

35. 5.31 If a valid claim is delayed by the insurer then the interest for the same will have to be paid by the insurance after how many days from the date of admission of the claim?

36. EX14. Life insurance company determine the level of risk based on

37. KA36. By attaching waiver of premium rider with his basic policy , What is the protection the proposer going to get?

38. K2A. Abhishek recently arranged a life insurance policy under which he is classed as the master policyholder this address his role as..

39. EX7. Amit is looking for term insurance plan for protection of his family, he is advised to approach to:

40. R639. . Need for a pension policy is a solution of what key problem?

41. 141. In money back plan the nomination can be done:

42. 644 In which of the following plan remaining part of the Sum Assured is paid on maturity?

43. ON18. In a death claim filed by Anjali mentioned that her son Asok died a natural death. The insurance company rejected the claim saying that it was not a natural death claim. Her insurance agent is Amar. What he should do?

44. Z8. In the case of a policy under the provision of M.W.P. ACT who can make the death claim?

45. ON1. To interact with the government and other bodies on policy matters is an objective of ……..

46. KB3. Manoj has taken an insurance plans from A company. But he purchased the annuity from B company. Which feature of pension plan reflects here?

47. ON14. A life insurance policy shall clearly state the following

48. R31. why as an agent is it essential for you to carry out the financial planning exercise with the prospective clients

49. ON15. The complaints received by the Ombudsman are dealt with ……….

50. ON55 . As per prevention of money laundering act film personalities comes under….


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