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1. 173. What kind of policy does the employer who has insurable interest in the life of an employee take?

2. Z16. Which is true?

3. 29. One can have insurance policy from

4. EX25. Claim was settled, however full Sum assured was not paid though the policy was in force due to.....

5. 3.8. Arjun explaining a ULIP plan to a customer and doesn't know to answer of a doubt regarding the product that the customer has. What should he do?

6. 22. The huge fund in the hand insurance companies used to develop....................

7. 11. Insurance are mainly divided into.............

8. ON16. To ensure the agent has met the needs of the client effectively at the time of the agent’s license, IRDA has drawn up a guideline that proposes …….

9. 5.28 National insurance academy has the following main functions

10. 3.33. Which one of the following is not a benefit of persistency

11. 417. The life expectancy in India is constantly improving . This also brings new challenges. These challenges can be met through ....

12. 628 Unethical behavior can affect the reputation

13. JN52. What is the similarity between Recurring Deposits & cumulative deposits in a bank

14. 636. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in. ?

15. 425. Raghuram is taking his first policy. What is to be considered while taking first policy ?

16. 623 HLV is used as a Yardstick to determine

17. 625 The best way to prove that customer of a ULIP policy is given awareness about the commission paid to the agent is

18. 135. When the sales target of the agent is less what will be its effect on churning.

19. AA5. An agent reveals the commission received from Insurance sales to X and Y. Both are for the same duration. Why is commission of X far higher than commission received for Y

20. 5.33 If a customer has mentioned he is a drinker in the proposal form, the insurance company can exclude this hazard and mention it in which part of the policy document?

21. 194. Non-governmental role in insurance industry is:…………

22. 107. At what time of the proposal the agent should declare his commissions as per the code of conduct?

23. 188. Amar was hospitalized and submitted his photo identity card to network hospital. He has availed cash less facility. Who will pay bills?

24. r34. When a prospect says he is insured what an agent should do?

25. EX22. Which of the following is a Non Standard Age Proof...

26. sr1. Insurance helps...

27. 136. For the agents to carry out their role in a professional manner, they must adhere to the Code of Conduct specified by which authority?

28. 5.38 The consequences of these risks which will affect specific individuals or local communities in nature is called as

29. K32. While recommending a pension policy to a client it is a solution of what key problem?.

30. 3.7. An agent should disclose the commission if ....

31. JN77. An insurance broker has been introduced by the IRDA...

32. 134. An advisor has identified need of the client now should he communicate the details of the product to the customer or what is the next step after identifying client needs.

33. a25. What is meant by a claim under insurance policy?

34. 4.26 Samir is married and he has only one partner, with dependant parents and no child, which should be his priority

35. 638 If the client does not wish to proceed with the recommendations right at the moment the agent should

36. K33. The main purpose of the guaranteed insurability rider benefit is to give the policy holder the right to

37. JN9. With reference to the principle of indemnity a life insurance policy is a.---

38. 5.44 In the sales illustration, the reduction of the actual benefit amount is mainly due to deduction of

39. K30. Pradeep as an agent has advised a client to surrender an existing investment and start a new investment product. What key indicator should be used to determine whether this advice was ethical?

40. Z15. Which is true?

41. ON14. A life insurance policy shall clearly state the following

42. K28. The main protection need of a 20 year old is mostly.............

43. JI2. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in.

44. Z21. Loan under policy should not exceed.....

45. Ex1. Sanjeev is an insurance expert who has rich experience in determining premium levels for product, what is his profile like

46. R13. Re-insurance deals.............

47. EX7. Amit is looking for term insurance plan for protection of his family, he is advised to approach to:

48. 5.13 Within how many years a complaint can be made through consumer protection act

49. r9. Are fixed deposits the best alternative for financial security?

50. 3.14 A satisfied client will lead to


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