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1. 149. What will happen to the complaint which is made both to Ombudsman and COPA?

2. 628 Unethical behavior can affect the reputation

3. a3. The proposal form and personal statement contain information relevant to determine the .....

4. ON22. During sales process, if the client disagrees with the recommendation of agent, the agent should

5. 627 The best way to overcome the problem of investment decision depends mainly on peer influence is

6. 5.13 Within how many years a complaint can be made through consumer protection act

7. 607 If a client needs Mediclaim to cover health insurance which insurer he needs to apply.

8. R413. Insurance agent recommended Low risk educational plan to the client, but the client insists the agent should arrange a ULIP higher risk product. What the agent should do?

9. 5.35 When should an agent disclose the commission which he will earn from the product which he is going to sell

10. 602 A person with a criminal background due to Financial fraud would come under which hazard

11. r4.9. Tajnikant has bought a critical illness rider with life insurance policy.Which one of the following desease willnot be covered under Critical illness rider?

12. 176. If there is no claim bonus, it will result in:

13. 636. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in. ?

14. 3.15 An Agent can receive maximum of ________ %of the premium as commission in the first year

15. KA22. Nikhil is looking for a tax-efficient savings for his disposable income. He is considering an equity-linked savings scheme, national savings certificates and an endowment insurance policy premium. For which of these investments are allowed to be deducted from his taxable income?

16. 11a. The Principle of Utmost Good Faith will operate in an existing policy

17. KA2. A policy holder asked his insurance agent for guidance on submitting a claim for the maturity benefit under his life insurance policy. Due to pressure of work, the agent declined to assist consequently, this action is deemed to be a breach of the ......

18. 147. In term of risk, mortality tables are used by Life Insurance companies in order to help them quantify the…..

19. 211. In the process of settling maturity claims...

20. KB5. Without submitting any documents proposer has received survival benefit. Which plan is this?

21. KA25. Now a days commission details are a part of benefit illustration.The main purpose of including commission details in benefit illustration is to....

22. KB8. In a fact-finding process it revealed that the client has to no protection need. The client’s life stage may be ………..

23. 5.3 Giri wants to purchase a Kisan Vikas Patra. What is the most suitable place to purchase it?

24. 12. Which one is not covered under Life Insurance ?

25. r26. A policy holder submits cancellation of his term insurance policy , the insurer accepts fails to give the benefit and the policy holder writes to IRDA post which the settlement should be within .......

26. 196. The condition that sum assured is payable on regular premium payment is reflected on which part of the policy document?

27. 418. Due to some medical problem Naran got hospitalized and insurance Company paid him a fixed amount on daily basis, what kind of health Policy he bought ?

28. KB1. Mr. Harish joined for a 20 years endowment plan. When he will get the persistency bonus?

29. 139. The process of de-tariffication is referred as……

30. R3.16 A life insurance can only be made paid up only if..........

31. r15.Insurance marketing without any middlemen is called ................

32. EX14. Life insurance company determine the level of risk based on

33. 5.22 Insurance companies are required to honor the awards passed by the Insurance Ombudsman within how may days

34. EX24. Who IS the primary underwriter of the customer?

35. KB23. The policy holder surrendered his term insurance policy and approached IRDA for surrender benefit. Within how many days company has to settle the amount?

36. ON15. The complaints received by the Ombudsman are dealt with ……….

37. 613 Joy and John both are unmarried. Ajay has dependant Parent. Which need Ajay must take care of on priority, although that will not be a priority for Vijay?

38. R633 We can takeLoan from a policy in which there is a feature of ...........

39. r4.4 Which of the following is a feature of WOP rider?

40. 5.32 As per IRDA regulations IGMS should be mandatory set up by

41. K30. Pradeep as an agent has advised a client to surrender an existing investment and start a new investment product. What key indicator should be used to determine whether this advice was ethical?

42. 5.15 One person wants to take term plan for 20 lakh and wants to take ADB rider, he is not sure of how much sum assured he needs to take for ADB rider. What is your suggestion?

43. JN84. Saurabh is 25 years old young man and has invested a pretty good amount in shares. Recently he is shifting his investments to Gold ETF. Now state which of the following is the most likely motive of doing so?

44. sr1. Insurance helps...

45. K32. While recommending a pension policy to a client it is a solution of what key problem?.

46. KB11. Mr. Rahim is applying for a loan from his endowment plan. Loan is granted on which of the following feature?

47. 4.8 Harris bought a share for Rs.110 and he sold when it was Rs.630.What is the benefit called?

48. 3.40 In a claim, the customer got much more than the Sum Assured. Why?

49. K3. If later found insurable interest does not exist in a life insurance policy, then life insurance contract is……………….

50. 5.23 If IRDA is unable to discharge its functions or duties, Central Government


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