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1. JN77. An insurance broker has been introduced by the IRDA...

2. 5.38 The consequences of these risks which will affect specific individuals or local communities in nature is called as

3. KB22. Under which circumstances the SA of a ULIP policy reduced later?

4. EX16. In a life insurance policy it is later found that the person doesn’t have insurable interest then the contract is          

5. KA2. A policy holder asked his insurance agent for guidance on submitting a claim for the maturity benefit under his life insurance policy. Due to pressure of work, the agent declined to assist consequently, this action is deemed to be a breach of the ......

6. JI23. XYZ Insurance Company has started promoting their insurance products mostly through television and news paper advertisements. Hence, the said company is operating through ...

7. Z16. Which is true?

8. EX10. How are perils and hazards normally distinguished under term insurance policies?

9. 145. Which body prescribes the codes of conduct of Agents?

10. K10. Sarath is the client and looking or large SA , and the proposal to be certified in the context of confidentiality with relevance to moral hazard, who is the concerned person to do? ..

11. ON7. Ensure the orderly growth of the insurance industry is an objective of ……..

12. KB8. In a fact-finding process it revealed that the client has to no protection need. The client’s life stage may be ………..

13. a29. Detailed Investigation will be triggered in case of

14. r9. Insurance provide protection against losses due to ................

15. 137. Ramesh has taken a policy, which is not a pension plan but he continues to receive the maturity amount even after years of maturity, in installments. How?

16. 5.13 Within how many years a complaint can be made through consumer protection act

17. 646 The proposer can withdraw from the contract, if they disagree with the terms and conditions of the Policy, within a ‘free look-in period’ of

18. EX8. Insured can contact to seek the resolution of grievances they have against insurer to IRDA through:.....

19. 5.8 Incase of presumption of death

20. a26. Who will take the initiation to settle the maturity claim process?

21. KA22. Nikhil is looking for a tax-efficient savings for his disposable income. He is considering an equity-linked savings scheme, national savings certificates and an endowment insurance policy premium. For which of these investments are allowed to be deducted from his taxable income?

22. 636. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in. ?

23. KA34. The age of appointee should be more than--------

24. Q7. In an insurance contract, who is offering, who is accepting?

25. r4.4 Which of the following is a feature of WOP rider?

26. 216. Aji has taken a term plan for 20 years. In the 3rd year he suffered financial crisis due to which he was unable to pay premium within grace period and died after 1 month. The nominee files a claim and is rejected because

27. EX22. Which of the following is a Non Standard Age Proof...

28. 5.19 If we hold 100 units in gold ETF, It means that how much grams we have in physical

29. Z11. If the proponser has no insurable interest in the insured the underwriter will.....

30. JN87. Whole life policy Document is a-

31. 643 Rakesh wants to buy a policy primarily for Risk Cover but at the end of the term he wants to get at least some return. Under which policy he will get these benefits

32. 420. In which of the recognized life stages an individual does not require any protection cover ?

33. JI3. Who is a regulator, supervisor and monetary authority of the financial system in India?

34. KA35. Suresh is buying a lie insurance policy. To increase the death benefit, he can add ------

35. K2A. Abhishek recently arranged a life insurance policy under which he is classed as the master policyholder this address his role as..

36. ON23. What should an agent do if a client accepts some but not all of agent’s recommendations even after trying to convincing him ?

37. KB5. Without submitting any documents proposer has received survival benefit. Which plan is this?

38. k26. A policy document for a money-back policy includes the statement the proposal and declaration signed by the proposer form the basis of the contract. In which main section of the policy document will this normally appear?

39. EX21. An individual is said to be competent to enter into a contract if they are....

40. R25. If policy is in lapsed condition, the protection from the policy available........

41. 417. The life expectancy in India is constantly improving . This also brings new challenges. These challenges can be met through ....

42. 5.10 Which is of the following is not a criteria for entering a legal contract??

43. JI2. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in.

44. 5.11 Shailesh and Balu want to retire in the age of 65yrs. But Shailesh pays more monthly payment than Balu. Why?

45. R415. The amount paid out by the insurer to Raju under his 30 year term life insurance policy exceeded the sum assured added reversionary bonuses. This is due to....

46. 608 The proposer can withdraw from the contract, if they disagree with the terms and conditions of the Policy, within a ‘free look-in period’ of

47. ON17. If there is no agreement for settlement and the recommendation is also not acceptable to complainant, Ombudsman will grant ……

48. 626 If the client accept the recommendation, then the agent should ask the client..

49. r4.9. Tajnikant has bought a critical illness rider with life insurance policy.Which one of the following desease willnot be covered under Critical illness rider?

50. JI8. The Authority of COPA is limited to what amount at the district level.


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