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1. R2.4. If the employer has insurable interest in the life of an employee, he can take............

2. 10a. A human being is......

3. 643 Rakesh wants to buy a policy primarily for Risk Cover but at the end of the term he wants to get at least some return. Under which policy he will get these benefits

4. R4.28 The concept of insurance involves a transfer of....

5. 5.31 If a valid claim is delayed by the insurer then the interest for the same will have to be paid by the insurance after how many days from the date of admission of the claim?

6. K28. The main protection need of a 20 year old is mostly.............

7. 3.23 According to Insurance Brokers Association of India, what is the most appropriate relationship between Insurer and Broker?

8. KA35. Suresh is buying a lie insurance policy. To increase the death benefit, he can add ------

9. 18. Life insurance Agents can deal with.................

10. a26. Who will take the initiation to settle the maturity claim process?

11. ex2. The Non Government organizations(NGO) helps the insurance industry immensely in ....

12. ON55 . As per prevention of money laundering act film personalities comes under….

13. K10. Sarath is the client and looking or large SA , and the proposal to be certified in the context of confidentiality with relevance to moral hazard, who is the concerned person to do? ..

14. 636. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in. ?

15. 422. Ramkumar is self employed and his friend Ashutosh works in a public sector company. While fact finding it is found that Ramkumar has to buy medical insurance than Ashutosh. Why? ?

16. 5.27 During financial planning session if the agent finds out the following needs, which one should be given the top priority. Needs: Income protection, Childs education, marriage and emergency funds

17. 628 Unethical behavior can affect the reputation

18. ex4. If a client wants to compare between all financial products then the best person he can approach is

19. R13. Re-insurance deals.............

20. JI25. Net premium is equal to

21. KA16. Apart from the salary level, what other key features of Arjun's job is likely to have a major impact on the level of his pension life insurance and health insurance needs?

22. JN87. Whole life policy Document is a-

23. 3.33. Which one of the following is not a benefit of persistency

24. 5.23 If IRDA is unable to discharge its functions or duties, Central Government

25. r18. Raju is investing directly in corporate bonds. In what form will he receive the income?

26. r9. Insurance provide protection against losses due to ................

27. K3. If later found insurable interest does not exist in a life insurance policy, then life insurance contract is……………….

28. JN52. What is the similarity between Recurring Deposits & cumulative deposits in a bank

29. r26. A policy holder submits cancellation of his term insurance policy , the insurer accepts fails to give the benefit and the policy holder writes to IRDA post which the settlement should be within .......

30. 3.39 Mr. Customer has taken a policy and died before receiving the document which was dispatched by the insurer

31. R10. Which sentence is correct?

32. EX20. In case of life insurance, Insurable interest must exist.....

33. Z15. Which is true?

34. EX19. Both the parties to a contract must agree and understand the same thing and in the same sense which is called....

35. 132. The main function of IRDA’s Grievance Redressal Call Centre is to educate the policyholder’s regarding

36. 427. The sole focus during Sasikumar’s fact-find session was healthcare requirements and estate planning. Which main life stage is he most likely to fall into?

37. KA36. By attaching waiver of premium rider with his basic policy , What is the protection the proposer going to get?

38. 613 Joy and John both are unmarried. Ajay has dependant Parent. Which need Ajay must take care of on priority, although that will not be a priority for Vijay?

39. 425. Raghuram is taking his first policy. What is to be considered while taking first policy ?

40. 627 The best way to overcome the problem of investment decision depends mainly on peer influence is

41. 420. In which of the recognized life stages an individual does not require any protection cover ?

42. 19. Which sentence is correct?

43. Q5. Why an agent required to prioritise customer needs in sales?

44. 616 Insurance agents are

45. ON22. During sales process, if the client disagrees with the recommendation of agent, the agent should

46. 5.36 In a pension plan illustration what are the parts which shows the benefit for an annuitant?

47. 138. Loan can be taken against life insurance policies. The loan can be a specific amount of which value?

48. 3.15 An Agent can receive maximum of ________ %of the premium as commission in the first year

49. 141. In money back plan the nomination can be done:

50. KB5. Without submitting any documents proposer has received survival benefit. Which plan is this?


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