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1. r36. Ideal product recommendation for a private sector working single woman with 5 years child and no previous insurance and invesments with small budget?

2. 148. When a person set aside money to cover the possibility of the job loss, the best in this situation is to invest in bank deposit or in:

3. KB7. The best method to resolve in the problem of taking a decision on investment is ……..

4. ON7. Ensure the orderly growth of the insurance industry is an objective of ……..

5. K10. Sarath is the client and looking or large SA , and the proposal to be certified in the context of confidentiality with relevance to moral hazard, who is the concerned person to do? ..

6. 5.22 Insurance companies are required to honor the awards passed by the Insurance Ombudsman within how may days

7. 145. Which body prescribes the codes of conduct of Agents?

8. 4.21 Mr. Xavier’s fact find shows he need a term insurance for his future income protection, A family health plan to cover medical needs, a children's plan to cover his son's education and a endowment policy for his daughter's marriage. Which of these is the first priority?

9. Z15. Which is true?

10. 3.50 A claim was paid in a policy and it was advertised in the newspaper also. This indicates that the policy was….

11. 200. In which of the following bank deposits does the bank pay the principal and interest to the individual at the end of the term?

12. KB1. Mr. Harish joined for a 20 years endowment plan. When he will get the persistency bonus?

13. 613 Joy and John both are unmarried. Ajay has dependant Parent. Which need Ajay must take care of on priority, although that will not be a priority for Vijay?

14. 601 Law of Large number helps the insures to

15. On21. Before recommending a policy , the agent should explain the reasons for recommending a certain policy based on client’s needs expressed in…….

16. JI16. Under the IRDA guidelines for Claim settlement, any queries or additional documents can asked from the claimant within ...

17. 177. As per AML guidelines the max cash accepted is:

18. r21. The obligation of the insurer for the endowement policy is mentioned in .......

19. K4. A contract exist between insurer and proposer when.........

20. KB18. Third party administration is a part of ………..

21. EX6. A Professional insurance market carries…..

22. 5.39 What is the disadvantage to the insurer in case the persistency falls ?

23. k26. A policy document for a money-back policy includes the statement the proposal and declaration signed by the proposer form the basis of the contract. In which main section of the policy document will this normally appear?

24. ex3. Who is the customer of a Re insurer.....?

25. 427. The sole focus during Sasikumar’s fact-find session was healthcare requirements and estate planning. Which main life stage is he most likely to fall into?

26. K6. Why ACR?

27. 190. A life insurance company selling product through newspaper advertisement is an example of:

28. 647 For an insurance agent, a low persistency ratio means :

29. r5. A professional insurance market brings benefits to............

30. AA2. In which of the following case there is no defined retirement age?

31. 630 If a person already suffering from some disease and had not mentioned it in the proposal form then as per IRDA code of conduct the agent should

32. r18. Raju is investing directly in corporate bonds. In what form will he receive the income?

33. 3.13 Persistency has increased from 82 % in previous year to 86 % this year . That means

34. EX22. Which of the following is a Non Standard Age Proof...

35. r9. Insurance provide protection against losses due to ................

36. 4.31 If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in.

37. JI20. Mr. Rahul is having a life insurance policy. After 8 months he was died. But when the claim is returned by the Insurance Company as the claim cannot be settled because of a specific clause mentioned in the policy document. Which is the most likely clause?

38. JI22. Mr. Purusottam has joined as Director of Insurance Company. Now as per the IRDA act he is not allowed to play the role of which of the following:

39. KA24. A life insurer issued a quotation on 15th March, guaranteed for 15 days which was accepted by the customer on day 10. Consequently the insurer can only decline this risk if the

40. JI23. XYZ Insurance Company has started promoting their insurance products mostly through television and news paper advertisements. Hence, the said company is operating through ...

41. 137. Ramesh has taken a policy, which is not a pension plan but he continues to receive the maturity amount even after years of maturity, in installments. How?

42. 5.34 When can an insurance company give more than 35% first year commission?

43. EX19. Both the parties to a contract must agree and understand the same thing and in the same sense which is called....

44. 5.20 In case of life insurance, the insurable interest should exist

45. EX21. An individual is said to be competent to enter into a contract if they are....

46. 634 How are perils and hazards normally distinguished under term insurance policies?

47. r26. A policy holder submits cancellation of his term insurance policy , the insurer accepts fails to give the benefit and the policy holder writes to IRDA post which the settlement should be within .......

48. R3.18 which does not apply to life insurance?

49. 138. Loan can be taken against life insurance policies. The loan can be a specific amount of which value?

50. 5.27 During financial planning session if the agent finds out the following needs, which one should be given the top priority. Needs: Income protection, Childs education, marriage and emergency funds


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