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1. KB19. Vivek, after taking a life insurance policy died in the 8th month. The company declined the claim. The reason may be …………

2. r2. Which of the following falls under voidable contract?

3. R20. In the case of group insurance,which is most critical to assess the risk?

4. EX9. lung cancer and smoking . ...

5. 608 The proposer can withdraw from the contract, if they disagree with the terms and conditions of the Policy, within a ‘free look-in period’ of

6. 3.43 No of days within which the death claim has to be paid after the necessary documents have been received

7. R633 We can takeLoan from a policy in which there is a feature of ...........

8. 111. Ram wants to buy a plan of insurance from XYZ insurance company. He was asked to furnish the name of “appointee” in the proposal form. Which reason would have lead to the same?

9. 638 If the client does not wish to proceed with the recommendations right at the moment the agent should

10. r36. Ideal product recommendation for a private sector working single woman with 5 years child and no previous insurance and invesments with small budget?

11. ON10. What is the IRDA initiative to curb inaccurate advise and misselling?

12. KB1. Mr. Harish joined for a 20 years endowment plan. When he will get the persistency bonus?

13. 5.44 In the sales illustration, the reduction of the actual benefit amount is mainly due to deduction of

14. 5.46 The client of reinsurer is …..

15. 427. The sole focus during Sasikumar’s fact-find session was healthcare requirements and estate planning. Which main life stage is he most likely to fall into?

16. r50. What product agent should recommend to a young man with no dependents and just joined a job?

17. R3.16 A life insurance can only be made paid up only if..........

18. JN84. Saurabh is 25 years old young man and has invested a pretty good amount in shares. Recently he is shifting his investments to Gold ETF. Now state which of the following is the most likely motive of doing so?

19. JI22. Mr. Purusottam has joined as Director of Insurance Company. Now as per the IRDA act he is not allowed to play the role of which of the following:

20. JI20. Mr. Rahul is having a life insurance policy. After 8 months he was died. But when the claim is returned by the Insurance Company as the claim cannot be settled because of a specific clause mentioned in the policy document. Which is the most likely clause?

21. KA22. Nikhil is looking for a tax-efficient savings for his disposable income. He is considering an equity-linked savings scheme, national savings certificates and an endowment insurance policy premium. For which of these investments are allowed to be deducted from his taxable income?

22. 239. Mr. Xavier wants a life cover for the term of 20 Yrs. Also he wants a modest amount if he survives through the term. Which plan should he buy ?

23. 196. The condition that sum assured is payable on regular premium payment is reflected on which part of the policy document?

24. KB18. Third party administration is a part of ………..

25. ON27. According to IRDA which of the following will increase the transparency in selling?

26. 5.39 What is the disadvantage to the insurer in case the persistency falls ?

27. 136. For the agents to carry out their role in a professional manner, they must adhere to the Code of Conduct specified by which authority?

28. 3.42 If a person is absconding then after how many years will he be considered as dead & SA paid to the nominee.

29. r412. To avail the income tax benefit at investment stage, premium should be maximum .......

30. Z12. What is paid by the insurer when the policyholder decides to discontinue the policy?

31. AA1. What do you mean by Double Income Family?

32. K30. Pradeep as an agent has advised a client to surrender an existing investment and start a new investment product. What key indicator should be used to determine whether this advice was ethical?

33. 5.43 . If the employer has insurable interest in the life of an employee, what kind of policy is this?

34. r35. Insurance is important part of...........

35. None of the above ON56. the premium all the riders relating to health or critical illness in the case of term or group products shall not exceed -----of the premium of the main policy

36. R413. Insurance agent recommended Low risk educational plan to the client, but the client insists the agent should arrange a ULIP higher risk product. What the agent should do?

37. 3.19 . The main protection need of a 20 year old is mostly.............

38. K4. A contract exist between insurer and proposer when.........

39. 420. In which of the recognized life stages an individual does not require any protection cover ?

40. a28 . Mr. Krishna has taken a policy from on 3rd March 2011, He died on 18th August 2012. His death claim is considered as..........

41. 4.11 E-sales means sales of insurance products through ................

42. ON55 . As per prevention of money laundering act film personalities comes under….

43. ON8. The insurance company has to acknowledge receipt of a complaint of a customer with in ……… working days

44. R5.1 What is the key function of Natonal Insurance Academy ?

45. ON15. The complaints received by the Ombudsman are dealt with ……….

46. r9. Insurance provide protection against losses due to ................

47. 4.8 Harris bought a share for Rs.110 and he sold when it was Rs.630.What is the benefit called?

48. 3.7. An agent should disclose the commission if ....

49. 199. During Fact-finding, ‘3’ rating indicates:

50. 635 In the context of financial planning, how is the difference between real needs and perceived needs best described?


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