IRDA Life Insurance smart mock tests


#   If you are a candidate going to attend IRDA exam, the question is " Are you afraid of failing in the test?"
#   If you are a Manager or DO, and if you like to shine in the job, you will only think how to get
all your candidates passed.
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IRDA test pass mark now is 17. But we keep our pass mark as 25 sothat we can assure the candidate will pass the real   test easily
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#  KANNADA mock test available at 'General test' link

Unfortunately many are still using the old paper work preparation. Candidates may be coming from remote areas where net facility is not available.But that is not an excuse.As real  IRDA test is online, they must practise it online. DOs should arrange permanent online practise facilities for candidates.
As new IC 33 syllabus introduced, the pass percentage dropped to 30% from around 80% all over India.
The only solution is practise in the real like mock test that covers every hook and corner  of the IC 33 syllabus and prepare to answer indirect questions as well.
This is not only a practise, but involves a lot of easy learning process.When you make mistakes, it is corrected.

So  far more than 35,000 advisers used our mock test for their success ! 
Feedback shows hitting 80% pass rate.  You can try as many times you want.
Each time new question paper will appear
. ( FREE test available only in ENGLISH)
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and improve your chances of clearing the exam.


Mission 80%..!!!

These are very easy steps but needs rigorous monitoring from the part of Managers/DOs.
Every candidate should practise the mock test 10 times minimum.
The candidate should score atleast 30 marks 3 times continuesly during the end of this process. (Manager should monitor it directly)
If not achieved, give him additional training support to achieve this.
We experimented this in many parts of the country and the result is really unbelievable! So pracise it and don't forget to write to us your achievements at and win a IC 33 training manual.

    You can speak in Hindi and Tamil to Preetha                          09249498212
To speak in Malayalam,and  English,  call                                 09539066522

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How to Pay

We have 4 membership schemes.All memebers can use all languages- Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada and English :

Rs 99         for 7 days,    ( All language All questons Unlimited tests )
Rs 300       for 1 month,

For Managers/DOs/Trainers membership:-

Rs 1200     for 6 months
Rs 2000     for 1 year.

Easy to Pay

There are two ways you can pay memebership fees. One is through our net banking facility. Second is paying directly to our bank accounts

You can start practising mock test in next 60 seconds !!!  Pay directly using  100% safe online payment gateway to start mock test  immediately.
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Select membership and click on 'pay now'. Then go down and click 'proceed to buy now'.

Also you can pay directly to our bank accounts and SMS us on 09539066522 giving full details.You will get password by SMS for proceeding the test.

Our Bank accounts:

You can also pay directly to our bank accounts and call us on 09539066522

1. A/c Name   : Sreenivasan                             
Bank               : ICICI Bank, Calicut branch                      
A/C No            : 626501511213                   
IFSC               : ICIC 0006265

2. A/c Name   : Sreenivasan
Bank                : SBI  Nadakkavu Branch ( Calicut)

A/c                    :20131353800
IFSC                : SBIN 0002260  


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#  We have tied up with  CC Avenue payment gateway which is 100% secure and Asia's no 1    payment gateway and keeping all international standards. Their clients include LG electronics, Naukri, Indian Express,Reliance    money, CDAC, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Govt of Assam, Govt. of Maharashtra etc.

# Feedback from our clients indicates our mock test help them to achieve 80% pass rate.

# If one agent passes out,  suppose an average 1 lakh business he gathers from his friends and relarives. The commission he earns is Rs 20000. The incentive his Sales Manager earns values Rs 5000. So for a total of Rs 25000+ benefit one pays maximum Rs99!!! What a fair deal!

# Some insurance companies have their own mock test. But to practise in it , candidate should visit their office.
  Our mock test is available any where on net. So they can practise at home and net caffe. A tie- up with us is bebenificial for all insurance companies. Surely their pass % will improve.
#  Our mock test contains tough indirect questions and direct questions. Real test is a mixture of direct and indirect questions. So don't neglet basic insurance questions. Learn and practise both type of questions.

# Practising in real like mock test is the smartest way of preparation. It is affordable also.

# Try to practise 10 times and  achieve 30 marks in mock tests.

# No need of separate memebership for different languages. Single membership for all 4 languages.

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